Empower HER kit

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Introducing the Empower HER kit, the perfect bundle of feminine care essentials. This kit includes three products designed to help manage menstrual sanitation and women's health needs. Each product is carefully formulated to be gentle and effective on sensitive skin, with no harsh chemicals or fragrances. The kit provides a complete solution for maintaining optimal feminine health and well-being. It also includes a guide that instructs users how to use the products to optimize their feminine health and well-being. With this kit, women can take charge of their menstrual health and feel empowered.

Yoni steam- Ingredients: Red Rose Petals, Raspberry Leaf, Calendula Flowers Chamomile Flowers, Mugwört, Yarrow Flower & Herb, Marigold, Motherwort

Yoni oil- Ingredients: Calendula Flower, Jasmine Flower, Dried rose petals Sunflower Oil, Tea tree, Vitamin E, Ylang Ylang Oil

Foaming Feminine Wash-Ingredients: Decyl glucoside, Foaming apple, Rose hydrosol, Aloe vera juice, Distilled water, Apple cider vinegar, Sunflower oil, Germall Plus